Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.  —Jorge Luis Borges  

While we accept submissions on a broad range of themes, we are particularly interested in investigating the multifaceted meanings of constructions—literal, metaphoric, literary, theoretical, and more. We look for work that’s not afraid to ask the difficult and often unanswerable questions: how do humans create a sense of place, home, self, nation? how can we challenge these constructions and redefine their boundaries? how do we, in Borges’ terms, negotiate between stone and sand?

We are currently closed to regular submissions, but if you simply can't wait until we re-open or want to contribute to keeping Construction running smoothly, you can use this tip jar option. 

You can submit work in any genre here, but please specify what genre your piece falls in within the title of your submission.

Genre guidelines:

Poetry: submit up to 5 poems or 10 pages.

Fiction: submit up to 3 flash pieces or 2500 words.

Nonfiction: submit up to 3 shorter pieces or 2500 words.

Construction Literary Magazine